About Us

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.


Vuma Africa Software Company In Tanzania.

Vuma Africa is the most creative software company in Tanzania. We are one among of the best software company for custom mobile, web and desktop software development.

Vuma Africa is a digital experience Software development and IT company. We are working in Software Development since 2015. We are here to help by bringing you technology solutions that enable you to become more productive and efficient while spending less.

We are providing 8 core services in Digital market place.All Services are Featured, outstanding and Innovative.

Give those hours wasted on IT problems back to your employees and create a lasting impression on your clients through superior technology services and customer care.

Our mission is to help small, medium, and larger businesses develop cost effective solutions by implementing proper technology to improve their bottom line.


We’ve helped hundreds of clients impress their customers and improve their online image.


Our team of marketing specialists can create an online marketing plan customized to your business.


Vuma Africa’ 3+ years of combined web development experience can help streamline processes.


We offer top-performing email and web hosting for your fast-paced business.

Management Team

Sospeter Masota

Senior Software Developer

Loveness Gratus

Senior Product Design & Marketing

Kassimu Tindwa

Senior IT Technician

Diana Aujeni

Senior Operation & Marketing


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